Yi Jia International awarded elites

SUNWAY: Yi Jia International organised its first Award Presentation Ceremony in Sunway Resort in the evening of 12th August to celebrate and witness the glorious moment when the elites enjoyed their harvest after the hard works.

The founder cum chairman of Yi Jia International, Mr. George Guo Bing Ting announced the establishment of Yi Jia Charity Fund during the ceremony, whereby one million Ringgit Malaysia will be contributed to the fund at the first phase. He decided that 30% of this amount to be donated voluntarily by partners, so that they will become part of the fund founders.

“If the full amount is contributed by the company, it will be the sole contribution of the company. I wish to bring along our partners for charity career, so that our partners will gain more respects, gratitude and acknowledgement while achieving success in the career. This is my lifelong pursuit.”

Global Vice President of Yi Jia International, Mr. Tiong Meng Jinn said that the group obtained Malaysia license in August 2013 and initialized the exploration of international market. Today, the company has expanded its business to Singapore, Taiwan, America, Hong Kong, Korea and Indonesia; and gradually exploring the Middle East and West Europe countries etc. in year 2015.

The guests of the ceremony included charity ambassador, Ms. Isabelle and company advisor Dr. Gao Cheong Wai etc.

The distributors from China, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia were awarded on that night, ranking include crystal, pearl, sapphire and ruby.

The company also handed over a twenty thousand Ringgit Malaysia mock cheque to Rumah Shalom, to build a learning centre.

In accordance to the Award Presentation Ceremony, the group launched a 24-hour promotion from 12nd August to 12 midnight of 13th August, new Platinum member or audit Platinum member who bought 15-19 pcs of Youth Original Essence are entitled for 4 pcs of 120ml pack while sponsor will receive 1 pc of 120ml pack for free.

The group will be organising a global brand launch for the star product, MAIONE Youth Original Essence and MAIONE Awakening Serum. The debut will be made in the Palace of Golden Horses on September 5, and will followed by Singapore and Taiwan.