Yi Jia International Malaysia 2016 Spring Festival Party

After bidding farewell to the Year of Goat, we embrace the Year of Monkey signifying energy and wisdom with new wish and hope. On 18th February 2016, Yi Jia International Malaysia branch in Kuala Lumpur was well decorated and filled with happiness. The company staff and the partners gathered together to celebrate the new spring festival together.

The festive lion show kicked off the spring festival party. Accompanied with the loud drumbeat, the dance, jumping, leaping and rolling of the dancing lion led to the climax of the day. Everywhere was filled with joy of the New Year.

Next the family express feelings with calligraphy. The powerful and vigorous strokes indicated their confidence and insistence for dreams. Instantly, we could have a sense of great culture and felt the dreams of Yi Jia people.

After enjoying the refreshment prepared by the company, the family members listened to the marketing plans of 2016 for Singapore-Malaysia-Thailand delivered by Yi Jia International Group Southeast Asia Regional Vice President and General Manager of Malaysia Branch office, Mr. Quah Sin Eng. All looked forward to the prospects of the New Year. Lastly, the leaders and family members on site shared the experience of running Yi Jia love career. Their harvest is the best evidence of Yi Jia career, and their growth inspired the determination and ambition of all to join Yi Jia International and create glories together.

Time flies, Yi Jia International has spent its third spring festival in Malaysia. Under the dream guidance of Chairman Guo, partners have started their extraordinary journey; the family members have achieved great accomplishment due to the cultivation of the company and the influence of corporate culture. New Year is also a new beginning for all. Let’s continue to work hard and achieve a new success!