Thank You, Goddess! Yi Jia International Celebrates Lady’s Day with You in March


We had witnessed the beautiful changes in countless ladies on the platform of Yi Jia International. They experienced from dreaming to realizing the dream, from the kitchen to the stage, and from ordinary to brilliant. It stemmed not only from the charm and strength of the platform, but also from the responsibilities and pursuit of those ladies. On the way to promote Yi Jia career, they were excellent as their male counterparts and had created glories for themselves and the team with remarkable perseverance and efforts. They had shown the demeanor of goddess and had set great examples for the female in the new era. Yi Jia International had prepared the awards ceremony for them in a unique way to thank the goddess for their dedication in Yi Jia International Malaysia before the Women’s Day.

On 5th March 2016, about 80 Yi Jia family members converged in Yi Jia International Kua Lumpur with families and good friends for the grand ceremony. That day, the company had prepared 5 awards for the competition, including Outstanding Talent Award, Best Vigor Award, Outstanding Charm Award, Best Accessible Award and Most Favorable Award. The aim was to dig into the open-mindedness and grace of modern females and show the classiness of oriental women.

Firstly, 11 contestants walked onto the gorgeous T stage one after another to show their gracefulness and confidence in bright lights fully to the audience. Rounds of applause and cheers from the audience at the seat were sent to the contestants. The charm of “goddess” could stand the test of time because of their temperament from the inside to the outside. It was the culture and intelligence achieved with years and it was also the experience accumulated from the life. When the contestants showed their personal charm and shared their career with confidence on the stage, the audience vowed that the contestants were the combination of beauty and intelligence.

The most remarkable during the competition was:

Contestant No.4 contestant, Mandies was a mother of 4 kids and she stood out in the talent performance. She shared her painful past before joining Yi Jia career with the audience. She said that she even did not have enough food to eat, but her family thrived after getting engaged in Yi Jia career. The moving stories and the touching music 《The World》touched all the people present and the judges, and thus she had won 《Outstanding Talent Award》 and become 1 of the 5 most representative females.

Contestant No.7, Jenny had given the audience the biggest surprise in the talent performance. When the familiar music started, a lady of 57 years old danced to the most popular music,《Little Apple》! She told the world in the most special way: age and gender would never be a problem as long as you were willing to try. Jenny had won the 《Best Vigor Award》 that day.

The other contestants included Contestant No.3, Sammi who came a long way from South Malaysia. She was awarded with 《Most Favorable Award》with sweet smile and hearty laughter; Contestant No.11 from Middle Malaysia, Lily who was often reported in the newspapers was awarded with 《Most Favorable Award》with the votes by the audience; In addition, the catwalk show of MAIONE Youth Eternal Line of products put on by Contestant No.6, Lai Li Ying and Contestant No.11, Lily had won《Outstanding Charm Award》 for the youthful charm of MAIONE products.

The winners of 5 honors in “Thank you, goddess” competition had been selected by the judges with fairness and the votes from audience. However, every contestant was the goddess in the hearts of Yi Jia family members. As the females in the new era, they were versatile in the family life and career and kept a balance between them. Not only did they inherit the beautiful genes of MAIONE, but also they went forth with great efforts for the career of love. In the eve of the day of celebrating the contribution of women, Yi Jia International wanted to express its gratitude to the business partners for the love and care they had devoted. Thank you, goddess!