Thailand LEADER TIME’s Interview with the Founder of Yi Jia International, Mr. George Guo Bing Ting

(Thailand LEADER TIME)Yi Jia International Group was founded in 2004. Since entering overseas market in 2014, Yi Jia International Group has overcome all obstacles to open new markets in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, U.S. and Indonesia at one stroke. It has created the miracles of the industry in which cultivating the most numbers of talents and developing at the fastest pace, being regarded as the legend of the industry.

Since entering and developing Thailand market two years ago, Yi Jia International Thailand branch has achieved steady increase in sales and gained positive feedback from the society as well as great reputation in the industry. Today, Yi Jia International Group Founder and Board Chairman, Mr. George Guo Bing Ting was invited by LEADER TIME to an interview. The following is the conversation of the interview.

1. The achievement of Yi Jia International in 2015

Yi Jia International has achieved great success in the year of 2015. We could use the word “excellence” to describe the accomplishments last year. Our performance is excellent, our sales result is excellent, our team is excellent, our market is excellent! Our business performance has grown rapidly with the rate of 260% in 2015. In addition, the company’s investment in training and development had led us to achieve 12 Ruby distributors whose yearly income has reached USD 150 thousand to 300 thousand, 3 Emerald distributors whose yearly income has reached USD 800 thousand to 1.5 million and 2 Diamond distributors whose yearly income has reached USD 3 million to 5 million.

2.The market development plan of Yi Jia International in 2016

To become the world’s No.1 multinational direct-selling enterprise of coaching style is the general strategy goal of the company. In year 2016, we will arrange our work comprehensively based on the strategy goal. Our positioning is from “excellent” to “brilliant”, and it mainly demonstrates in the aspects as follows:

Firstly, we are going to dedicate more efforts to the market development. In North America, we are going to focus on the USA branch office and Canada branch office. The two branch offices have a very promising future and are bound to develop well. In the Southeast Asia market, the Group will activate the Thai market comprehensively. Meanwhile, the Group will intensify the efforts in exploration of more countries: Burma, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

Secondly, the Group will increase its investment in the training of coaching skills. Last year, we have injected more than USD 600 thousand in the President Training. This year, the Group will be fully devoted to enhance the comprehensive practical operation ability of the distributors in an all-round way, strengthening the team from the bottom line and complement with the support tools to truly achieve immediate and accurate defeating effects. In 2016, the company is going to organize 64 sessions of Beyond the Peak International Elite Training, 15 sessions of Leadership Training, 6 sessions of Emerald Training and 2 sessions of President Training.

Thirdly, the Company will upgrade Indonesia market to Great Indonesia Region. Indonesia is the biggest strategic and potential market in the overseas arrangement of Yi Jia International. The establishment of Great Indonesia Region indicates that we will comprehensively and intensively develop Indonesia market.

Fourthly, in 2016, Yi Jia International has set the goal to achieve top 10 in the direct-selling industry of Taiwan and Malaysia and become the leading enterprise in the direct-selling industry of Singapore.

Fifthly, in 2016, we are going to achieve 3 Crown Ambassadors, 10 Diamond, 30 Emerald and 100 Ruby. We will go all out once we have drawn up the goal and work for it painstakingly with determination.

3. The development plan of Yi Jia International in Thailand

Besides achieving stable growth in sales and spreading beauty and love across Thailand in year 2016, Yi Jia International is also striving to succeed its business in the country after exploring the market for two years.

This year, the company is going to have 55 national tour meetings and big commodities fair of cosmetics all year round. On the one hand, it could promote our career and products in Thailand, so that more people could enjoy love and beauty; on the other hand, the company is going to set up changwat general agencies in 76 changwats of Thailand, so that we could take roots there and focus on the business.

4. The vision and mission of Yi Jia International

All built-to-last and century-old enterprises have one thing in common. That is, they all have the roots of corporate culture, corporate mission, corporate vision. It is the same with Yi Jia International. The 15 articles of corporate culture are the guidelines direction and compass for the company.

1. Vision: To create a platform that builds opportunities to realize dreams and an environment that builds our home around love. The vision has summarized the “3 responsibilities” held by the company towards staff, partners and local countries and society. The company ensures that the partners who join Yi Jia International, distributors and colleagues could gain stable income and improve their personal capability on this platform.

2. Mission: To help others succeed by nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship; leaving a legacy of success for the next generation, always standing together with love. Every Yi Jia member should firstly achieve their own success and set a role model on this platform, and then he could help other colleagues and partners to grow and succeed. This is called “succeeding oneself and others”. The company’s development depends on the old people who guide the new people. The old people should practice the corporate culture and vision in order to lead the new people, thus reflecting the company’s mission of legacy of success for the next generation, always standing together with love.

3. Philosophy of Marketing: Helping others is our first priority. Assisting our team succeed is the greatest achievement. The more colleagues and partners we help, the faster the development of the company.

4. Philosophy of Branding: Intangible determines tangible, the tangible exemplifies the intangible. The intrinsic nature could be seen from the details which are often overlooked. The tangible exemplifies the intangible. The details shown in front of the public, such as behavior and deportment, are often the reflection of the intangible culture and value. When you failed to do it, the details are demons; when you have done it, the details are angels.

5. Philosophy of Service: The customer is our closest friend and beloved family; service is fundamental to our future advancement.

6. Philosophy of Teamwork: There is no perfect individual; but a perfect team. We emphasize teamwork rather than individualism. Human beings are like barrels, and the company is like the baseboard. Every board should be joined seamlessly, and every board should be joined with the baseboards seamlessly to avoid leakage.

7. Philosophy of Execution: Regardless of the conditions, we make it happen; nothing is impossible. This is our Yi Jia spirit. Persistent and dauntless. We look for no reasons, no excuses but only possibilities.

8. Philosophy of Saving: We earn from the sales and profit from what we save. We earn from the sales, but every sent we save is the net profit.

9. Philosophy of Promotion: Truth will only shine through sharing and communication. The company culture and philosophy need to be shared by the staff and partners.

10. Philosophy of Reward: We are rewarded based on our achievements and value. The management rule of the company needs to be guided by the value. And the value depends on the accomplishments on your position. The accomplishment refers to the works done within a specified period. The results of behaviors embody your own value.

11. Philosophy of Employing: Keep the asset who creates value. The company could survive and develop only if the staff create the value for the company. Every staff and colleague share weal and woe with the company. Only if everyone is doing his part in maintaining the ship named Yi Jia International, it will safely send us to the destination.

12. Philosophy of Growth: Learning and practicing are the fundamentals of growth. Learning and practicing are complementary to each other. One could only grow continually with continuous learning and practicing.

13. Philosophy of Work: Be more diligent than the hardest working, be more dedicated than the most committed. The difference between the winner and loser is very minor, but the difference will be huge after countless accumulation.

14. Rule of Work: Average is not acceptable – Always strive for excellence.100-1=0. If you get 100-1=99 for each of your work, every bit of compromise will result in you getting lagged far behind. On the contrary, we will have a qualitative leap in the end if we improve a little bit step by step, even 1% or 1‰. This is a process from quantitative change to qualitative change. Every accumulation of quantity leads to qualitative change.

15. Style of Work: The task is done only when the goal is accomplished. It is either positive leverage or negative leverage. For example, working is like printing money. If we start to do it yet have got it done completely, then it will be a counterfeit money and thus it will be refused by all. If we require ourselves to get it done 100%, then the bank note will be accepted by all. Only 2 results in front of us: either NO or YES.