Nurture the Dreams like a Big Tree——Yi Jia International Malaysia Planted Trees

Nourishing a dream is like sowing a seed. Perhaps you paid no attention to an ordinary seed in the past, but do you know that a seed could grow into a big tree and the tree could be made into paper that records thousands of career and historical civilization? Maybe you have ever thought that your dreams are unreachable, but has it ever dawned on you that a dream could change the fate of your life and the fate of your families and ever change the entire world?

On 19th March 2016, Yi Jia International Malaysia joined the Tree Planting Festival for environmental protection. In that day, the company called on 70 partners to take part in the tree planting activities. Its aim is to promote the awareness of preserving ecological environment, to help the partners with dreams, strengthen the conviction and nurture the dream like a big tree.

Some family members took the kids to the site, hoping to establish the initial environmental awareness for the kids via parent-child activities. It was very harmonious on site. Under the guidance of Yi Jia International Group Southeast Asia Regional Vice President, Mr. Quah Sin Eng, many partners actively shared the dreams of themselves and the teams and they were grateful to the Yi Jia International for realizing many dreams of the teams last year. They said that they would continue to follow Yi Jia , make more dreams come true and change the fate of more people! It was filled with gratitude, excitement, harmony and passion on the scene!

Next, the partners put the saplings and seeds into the flowerpots with their hands. And then they stuck the sweet cards with the wishes from the bottom of their hearts into the flowerpots. Then, the family members on site had a strong belief: the pine which has been planted will grow into a green forest; the peony which has been planted will grow into beautiful scenery; a loving heart will become the gospel of love; a dream nourished well will change the world. Though the saplings are small, they will thrive with the tendered care of us.

Trees are the source to nourish the life of the world. Only by respecting the nature and living together in peace with nature can we have a happy life. It is our responsibility and obligation to protect the environment and bring benefit to the next generation as a member of the earth. As Yi Jia people, we should carry forward our dreams and leave the hereditary career to the next generation.

All these years, Yi Jia International has been engaging in the philanthropy actively. Apart from supporting the poor via donation, environmental protection is also a model and attitude for us to contribute to the society. We hope that the concept of low carbon and environmental protection could become part of the work and life of the partners by planting trees and we call on more people to work harder on ecological environment.