Childlike Innocence and Happiness and Go Forth With Love

On 2nd April 2016, the second day after April Fool’s Day, Yi Jia International Malaysia decided to overturn the tradition and replace it with the company’s love culture and deliver happiness and care to Rumah Charis.

That day, Yi Jia International Group Southeast Asia Regional Vice President and Malaysia Branch Office General Manager, Mr. Quah Sin Eng led more than 30 distributors and staffs to deliver love to the needed in Rumah Charis happily. The children in Rumah Charis welcomed the Yi Jia team warmly and Yi Jia family members passed the materials and donation donated by the company and partners to the Dean of Rumah Charis. The company hoped that the philanthropic acts could turn into the positive power, bring new hope to the children, and encourage them to work hard so that the children could contribute to the society in the future.

When delivering the speech, the Dean of Rumah Charis said he was very grateful to Yi Jia International and would cherish the donation of Yi Jia family members. He believed that the kids would grow sturdily with the care from the society, just like the saplings would thrive with nutrition. The family members admired the kindness of the dean and gave a great round of applause to the dean sincerely. Next, Mr. Quah Sin Eng praised the partners who actively participate in the charity highly and felt delighted that the love culture of Yi Jia International would be long-standing and well established with the joint actions of Yi Jia families. In addition, he believed that the love career of Yi Jia International would thrive and benefit more and more disadvantaged groups in the future with concerted efforts of family members.

And then, the partners put on all kinds of wonderful performances for the kids and interacted and played games with them as well. On the scene were rounds and rounds of applause and cheering and it was very harmonious. Lastly, the family members hosted a simple birthday party for the kids whose birthday was in April. The kids felt extremely flattered when they saw the nice cakes prepared in front of them, heard the loud birthday songs and received the pleasant small gifts. They were much moved. The radiant smile on their faces showed the joy and gratitude at their hearts directly. The kids were the hope of the future and the pillars of national development. Their smile had warmed our hearts and made us more determined to get involved in philanthropy. When the family members were sharing their own experience, they said that they were very grateful to the company’s platform whereby their dreams could be realized. In addition, they mentioned the company had provided the chance for them to spread love to more people so that small dreams could turn into big dreams. What was more, they said they would return to Rumah Charis one day and continue to deliver love there, contributing more to philanthropy with more efforts.

Charity could not be measured with an amount. The seeds of love will sprout and blossom as long as it is watered with utmost care. Thus, more disadvantaged groups that lack care would feel the fragrance of love and sense the happiness of the world. Yi Jia people will surely move together with one heart in the process of philanthropy, implement the personal value through the contribution of love and experience the true essence of true happiness.