Yi Jia International 9th “ Host Training" {Malaysia}

A host is an indispensable soul in a meeting. A professional host not only makes a finishing point in a meeting but also enhance the deal rate of the meeting. Therefore, Yi Jia International which always upholds the concept of “Education is an endless process”, has made a long-term investment in the cultivation of host talents. From 9th to 11th April  2006, Yi Jia International 9th "Host Training"was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia branch office. About 60 distributors took part in this training.

The curriculum content in the host training was concise and comprehensive. Every part was pretty useful from marketing host theory to manners and appearance etc. And the teaching method is creative, practical and effective. Under the tutors’ guidance, trainees gave free vent to their zeal and potential and actively participated in the training. After 3 days’ training, trainees made great progress in hosting techniques. On the stage of graduation appraisal, trainees’ lively confident appearance and great speech presentation showed the lead character and won the unanimous acknowledgment and encouragement from the instructors.

The certificate marked a perfect ending for trainees’ hard work. However, completing the curriculum stood for another fantastic journey’s start. Dear partners, keep running, the dream is ahead. As long as applying your knowledge and maintain your zeal and effort, you must be one of the most excellent hosts!