Yi Jia International Enneagram Open Class【Malaysia】

The good news from Singapore and Malaysia markets of Yi Jia International came one after another in 2016. However, Yi Jia family members with dreams never thought about taking a rest. In the beginning of 2017, a transition from the old the new, family members with reminiscence and longing were poised for the new challenges and opportunities with initial determination! From 8th January to 10th January  2017, 44 family members from Singapore and 43 family members from Malaysia attended Yi Jia International Enneagram Open Class with great passion.。

Enneagram Open Class was a subtle training of character analysis, which boosted the individual cultivation and helped them understand personality types of different people. Thus, the trainees could understand the way to communicate and interact with different people, show different personalities in different occasions and establish sincere and harmonious partnership with other people. Under the guidance of coaches, the trainees first learned to analyse themselves layer by layer and then learned to understand other people gradually, put themselves in the shoes of others from the bottom of their hearts and boost efficient communication.

Master Sun’s Art of War once said: “Know the enemy and know yourself, and you can fight a hundred battles with no danger of defeat.” A leader who could reflect on himself and understand others will surely get the best out of his players in the team and increase business volume in the markets easily. The 3-day training not only made the trainees happy with their personal growth, but also made them full of hope for promising future. We are sure that the energy from the training will spread to their teams, and afterwards it will inject stronger impetus into the market in 2017. It is only a wonderful beginning and we hope that Yi Jia will fight with greater courage in Singapore and Malaysia markets in 2017.