35th Beyond the Peak International Elite Training【Malaysia】

The Spring Festival atmosphere was everywhere and the festive melody could be heard in the streets. When every household was in indulged in the festive atmosphere, busy with New Year shopping and home furnishing, a group of Yi Jia people with dreams were in pursuit of ideals with the greatest effort and passion. On 13th January to 15th January  2017, 63 business partners from Malaysia, 25 business partners from Singapore and 29 teaching assistants attended 35th Beyond the Peak International Elite Training in Port Dickson, Malaysia grandly.

Elite Training was a designed especially for elites. The training could help trainees review their mentality from different aspects via experiential activities, find out their personal blind spots and huge potential so as to modify the behaviours, have clear targets and goals. After the 3-day training, the trainees all exclaimed that they had been inspired greatly and full of positive energy. They were particularly thankful for the company that offered them the opportunity and thus they got changed tremendously.

Yi Jia International Business Academy is like DreamWorks. After the Elite Training, we will have a batch of dream pursuers with great strength, fighting for dreams and success together.