The 15th Yi Jia International Host Training Camp (Singapore)

On the New Year’s eve of 2017, the training courses of Yi Jia International Business School opened one after another in the markets worldwide to embrace the Yi Jia International 2.0 and prepare for the more fierce competition in the new year. On 17th January 2017, the 15th Yi Jia International Host Training Camp kicked off, attracting the participation of 50 partners from Singapore, the US, Australia and Indonesia.

Yi Jia International has been dedicated to offering dream pursuers a platform to realize their dreams despite their nationality, age or background. Some grandpas and grandmas aged above 60 also participated in the training, as they believe that one is never too old to learn. Meanwhile, a number of partners who know nothing about Chinese also joined in the training. To make their speech perfect, they marked pronunciation for every Chinese character on their speech draft and practised repeatedly till 4:00-5:00am after class.

The participants have embraced a new self after the three-day training. On the stage for assessment, they were highly praised by the tutor with excellent performance from eye contact, gesture, intonation to stage manners, all showing their personal enchantment. In the end, the tutor announced that all the participants passed the assessment. Congratulations to them!