The 7th Yi Jia International Product Lecturer Training Camp opened at Malaysia Branch

The 7th Yi Jia International Product Lecturer Training Camp was held at Yi Jia International Group Malaysia Branch Office from 2nd November to 4th November 2017, attracting the participation of 27 partners. Sapphire Alice Yong and Jennifer Tang were invited to be the lecturers for the training.


Thanks to the detailed introduction by the tutors, the participants had a deeper understanding to the product advantages and features, while gaining more professional and comprehensive knowledge on our flagship brand MAIONE during the three-day training.

The participants have learned a lot about products from the tutors, as well as sharing and discussion with their teammates after class. They also realized the importance of teamwork and their confidence in promoting products and sharing business was enhanced as well. We believed that they will be able to meet various challenges ahead with positive mindset, firm belief and trust in products.


Congratulations to the 27 participants obtaining the qualification for product lecturer, and to Yi Jia International for having such excellent prospective endorsers of our products for the future. By staying true to the mission of spreading beauty and love and the belief in our products can we go farther and create more miracles.