The 71st Yi Jia International Elite Training Camp 【Malaysia】

On 2nd to 4th November, 2018, the 71st Yi Jia International Elite Training Camp was held in the Impian Morib Hotel in Malaysia. There were 57 passionate partners have been participated in this camp.

This training camp aimed to build an elite team and cultivate potential new partners to work together to reach new peak of achievement through Yi Jia International platform! The instructors guide all trainees through one on one communication and even taught them variety set of professional and practical skills which is very useful for them to apply in the career.

Under the guidance of professional instructors, all trainees gained a deeper understanding of Yi Jia International’s spirit, in which developed their determination to pursue for excellent, bear in mind the mission, take responsibility and bring Yi Jia International career to the peak! The unique training program provided by company has made everyone unite and trust the platform in which appreciate every opportunity provided the company.

The camp on the day was full of vitality, everyone has deeply felt the hope of light and the power of dreams! This made the trainees become fearless and ready for the upcoming challenges in their career. After three days of training, all trainees has made a big improvement and gained business knowledge and full of positive energy for self-development.

Lastly, the training camp came to an end with the tears and laughter of the trainees. Yi Jia Elite team, ready for it! We will achieve a perfect transformation together step by step!