Congratulations to Miss Lydia Tsang for Double Crown Ambassador

Today, it is a joyous day for us to celebrate, Singapore is proud to add on a Double Crown Ambassador to our Yi Jia Heroes list, Ms. Lydia of the Singapore market.

Lydia had worked as CFO in big organization, with high salary and won the recognition of his boss for excellence contribution to the company growth. By chance, she gets to know Maione from her friend, was surprised by the efficiency of products, then by the explosive business opportunities and company culture of love and gratitude, so then she began to use her leisure time to run this business, holding her dream, and constantly upgrading herself.
In order to chase for her dream and to let this great love of the cause to benefit more people, she resigned from her job(19 years), coming in full-time, dedicated to Yi Jia business.

From the traditional industry and becoming a entrepreneur, from part-time to full-time, each choice is a tremendous leap in her life. Beginning of her Yi Jia business journey, she’s new but fully pledged to the commitment she gave. With the decisive mentality, with no resources and no experience, she strived to dream and never give up till the top of the peak. We have seen her transformed magnificently with glory repeatedly, never forgotten to the reason of her starting, turning applauses and flowers into the power to move on, humble with love and with sincerity.

At the same time, Lydia also cultivate the professional ability of her partners, through one to one to impart market experiences, painstakingly spread the seeds of beauty and love to Singapore and North America and other places, selflessly give unlimited support to partners. All these efforts, not only let her realize the dream, enjoy the joy of success, but also enable her helping partners continue to succeed, so that the value of success continues to sublimate. The journey of her pursuing her dream have encountered a lot of ups and downs, but her firm belief, continuous actions make her become better. The transformation of Miss Lydia Tsang has proved this. Let us once again congrats Miss Lydia Tsang for her Double Crown Ambassador achievement, at the same time we expect her to achieve triple crowns as soon as possible and continue to lead more partners to achieve more brilliant results in this career!