《MAIfantasy》A Gathering Party for Hundreds of Achievers

With the brilliant achievements of successfully building more than hundred achievers in six weeks, Yi Jia International Malaysia Branch held a luxury yet elegant gathering party named <MAIfantasy> on 11th November 2018. All partners are full of passion, exchange their experiences, sharing fruitful results, grab the business opportunity and transform themselves. The event was crowded and happening. The event has bringing up a good response of “a tossed stone raises a thousand ripples” which the teams have achieved good results and made a high rate of turnovers on the day.

Every achiever used their personal experience to introduce beauty and health which brought by Yi Jia’s high quality products and as well as shared their wonderful transformation in life which brought by Yi Jia business. The unique charms and great business opportunity of Yi Jia has stirred up everyone passion, it is not only improve their promotion rate, but also encourage their high spirit. At the same time, the happening scene has successfully influence many new members to actively try out company product of MAIONE skin care and MIRIKEL nutrition series. They highly praised the excellent quality of the products, also this also inspired their determination to follow Yi Jia dream and decided to join the big family by expecting to start a new life through this platform.

Walk into Yi Jia,  together we become confident and gain healthy through Yi Jia’s quality products. We also able to create wealth with like-minded partners and achieve dreams together. Dear all partners, let us seize the opportunity, unlock our possibilities, making perseverance efforts and create a miracle and realizes our dreams in Yi Jia!