Facebook Marketing Strategy By Taiwan Lin,Yun-Tsen Double Crown Ambassador On How To Use Sales Products Smartly!

On 26th November 2018, Lin,Yun-Tsen, the Double Crown Ambassador from Taiwan was organized a talk at Yi Jia International branch in Kuala Lumpur. Many new members were joined with enthusiasm and the scene was full of crowds.

During the talk, Lin,Yun-Tsen, the Double Crown Ambassador has shared her personal marketing skills and unique strategies through analysis of actual cases by showing how to use the potential Facebook to effectively market MAIONE brand in a simple and easy way as well as create global brand awareness.

Her appealing and penetrating styles of presentation was so great and successfully grabbed everyone attention on that day. Everyone fully focused in her charming talk while learning the practical skills, and inspired on how to strengthen their personal image and build Facebook circle of friends.

The talk ended with excitement of everyone being able to gain benefits from it. Through this talk, every partners deeply realized the importance of marketing, activate their inspirational leadership, build up determination and hopes to realize their dreams through Yi Jia platform. In additional, it has also established a clearer direction and firmer confidence of everyone making them to achieve goals and create miracles fearlessly by make use of what they learned through the talk.