Yi Jia International Singapore Branch Celebrates Christmas and Delivers Joy

24th December 2018, Yi Jia International Singapore Branch held a Christmas celebration to share the festive joy with Singaporean members. The event was honored to invite the founder Yi Jia International which is the chairman and the chairlady to participate. Every partners were so excited to spend this special day with them.

Yi Jia International always adhered to its perfect product quality, unique and practicable business model, the company has successfully helped many people to realize their dreams and create brilliant life. On the day of the event, after the sharing of Yi Jia International brands——MAIONE skin care series and also Yi Jia career talk by Triple Crown Ambassador Cindy Xu, all partners have highly praised and recognized the company’s products. Also, they expected to create excellent achievements through this beautiful career, reach the peak of business, and creates a better life.

The chairman dressed as Santa Claus and everyone were so happy. Other than lucky draw session, all people also played game together and took this opportunity to actively interact with the chairman and other partners. The game aimed to encourage everyone’s cohesiveness, enhance team spirit, strengthen team tacit understanding, and full of vitality.

At midnight, the chairman, chairlady, global vice president Sean Liu and Singapore branch vice president Raymond Ong lead the partners together to count down the Christmas. Everyone was happily singing the Christmas songs, hugging and sincerely blessing each other. The day was fulled of happiness and joyful spreading in every corner of the company.

Besides, the chairman and all partners also celebrated the birthday of the Triple Crown Ambassador, Cindy Xu and December born partners by singing them birthday songs, blowing candles and tasting delicious cakes which fulfilled with loves and sharing. Through the joyful moment for exchange of gifts; the transmission between individuals; the Christmas blessing and the love spirit of Yi Jia were passed to everyone’s heart. At this moment, all the moments of happiness turned into a great power, helping in promote Yi Jia career; make everyone’s beliefs become more firm, and strives to work hard for next year.

The Christmas of the year has became more meaningful with the participation of the chairman. All people holding hands together, connecting heart of each other to welcome a wonderful future as a happy ending. On this wonderful Christmas season, we hope that all Singaporean partners will create more miracles before the end of 2018 and extend this wonderful to next year.