The Secret Of Yi Jia International Mr George Guo On How To Overcome Antarctic Journey

After the journey of Antarctica, the founder and chairman of Yi Jia International has separately organized a sharing talk in Malaysia and Singapore branch on 24th & 26th December 2018 to share the secrets of how he conquer the Antarctic peak and the beautiful experiences after overcame various difficulties.

On that day, the chairman shared about their 3 days experience on went through the Drake Passage with huge waves and seasickness. In the end, they successfully arrived at destination with a firm heart and strong faith. They embraced the Antarctic and tasted the rare black ice of Antarctica by enjoying the joy of success.

During the journey, the chairman not only used his charms as a leader to inspire the partners to unlock their possibilities and accept challenges, but also his spirit of stay calm in hard times on sea truly made everyone to admire him and became a great entrepreneurial spirit of Yi Jia peoples. The power of belief has made the chairman successfully overcame challenges and witnessed the ultimate beautiful of Antarctic. It just same like management of Yi Jia career, that every Yi Jia people should always believe in products, team, company and strives to pursue for perfection in this unpredictable markets to create miracles and achieve fruitful results.

The Antarctic adventure journey is not only revealed its rare beauty, but also the beauty of mind state of our partners after successfully overcome obstacles. The power of belief made the chairman and his partners became fearless, successfully conquered the tough journey and accomplishing impossible tasks. In face of challenge, Yi Jia people should always insist in believing, brave enough and look up to their goals in order to truly walk away from bad situation.

The fun moments always seems to accelerate that the sharing talk was come to an end with great applause of every partner. However, the chairman’s word has deeply inspired the dreams of every partner, strengthen their determination to realize their dreams through Yi Jia International platform, continue to explore success and create a brilliant life. The Antarctic adventure is just like Yi Jia career. We see the beautiful rainbow after a rainy day and difficulties make us stronger, tend to fly higher in the Yi Jia New Era 3.0, as long as we believe each other. Yi Jia people, let’s raise your dream sails and struggle to achieve a better future!