Elite In Glorious Bloom—— Yi Jia International 2019 SEA Award Recognition

Yi Jia International held a South East Asia award recognition on 6th January 2019 in Kuala Lumpur. Every partners from South East Asia had gathered together in Malaysia to witness the South East Asia outstanding market performance, share the glories and the joy of victory. On this dream platform, it showed us the hope which can change our destiny and as well as the endless possibilities of Yi Jia career.

▲Company product display and experience area has brought a lot of fun to the guests.

This ceremony was started with the speech of Yi Jia International Global CEO Mr Poh Kim Lee. In his speech, Mr Poh reviewed the result of South East Asia in the past year, and he also announced the new policies of Yi Jia New Era 3.0, included: opening of the East Malaysia branch, the MAIONE skin care product series will be newly upgraded and achieve a unified production in United States, and the new “Youth Moistening Mask” will be pre sale on end of February and officially sell on 28th March, this is absolutely a great news for everyone. It makes everyone so excited and make their more determined to follow the company to create more miracles together.

In the past year, all the partners of South East Asia everyday actively manage their career, share products to grow the market with constantly refreshing records and miracles. Especially for the Malaysia branch, it has successfully made it into Top 10 of outstanding careers. These achievements are due to the support and guidance of company and also the great effort made by every partner.Since the launched of Achiever plan on September 2018, all partners were so hardworking to achieve as an Achiever and grew the South East Asia market. They were not only received awards for achieved different levels of Achiever but also cultivate numerous group of elites. Therefore, the company has held this ceremony to recognize their efforts. They were so excited and fulled of joy at the moment they received their honors on the stage. Also, they were so grateful that Yi Jia is a simple and excellent platform. As long as you are “obedient, do, believe, and persist”, you will be able to achieve a solid success, transform from ordinary to extraordinary.

▼Winners of Executive Achiever.

▼Winners of Business Achiever.

▼Winners of Director Achiever.

▼Winners of Crystal level.

▼Winners of Pearl level.

▼Winners of Sapphire level.

▼Winner of Double Crown Ambassador Lydia Tsang.

▼The Triple Crown Ambassador Cindy Xu shared about her career experience.


▼The Triple Crown Ambassador Victor Lim & Lucy Sun gave a sharing on the stage.

Yi Jia International has been actively engaged in charities for all these years, it has been donated twice and also sponsored products to Rumah Charis in the past 2018. We hoping that the children will grow up under a better environment. This kindness act has high praised by the dean of Rumah Charis and the children even prepared a song as appreciatation to the company.

In addition, the lucky draw and registration session has brought the event to reach its climax. Everyone is looking forward to win the first prize in Las Vegas. The partners were full of enthusiasm on the day and great amount of deals has made the entire ceremony looked so grand.

Finally, the event has came to an end. Today, all these South East Asia partners on the stage are real heroes, and they has revealed the brightest dreams. We hope that these partners can work together with Yi Jia International to lead more people with dreams to fight again in 2019 and set a dazzling result.