Congratulations ELYN CHONG For Promotion Of Global Double Crown Ambassador!

After say goodbye to 2018 and here the Malaysia branch welcome the new 2019 with full hopes and great new. Our leader Elyn Chong has been promoted to Global Double Crown Ambassador with her outstanding performance in the elite groups. This proves that our Yi Jia International has emerged in the Malaysia market and continues to develop rapidly and create miracles. Let us sincerely congratulate the Malaysia new Double Crown Ambassador- Elyn Chong! This glory is not only represent the coronation but also the reward of diligence, let all the Yi Jia people share her joy together!

Elyn  Chong is an elegant yet highly motivated leader. After joined the Yi Jia family, she followed the company’s development direction and training system, accompanied and led the team partners to move toward their goal step by step. On the journey to pursue her dreams, she actively explored the market with a firm belief and worked hard to strive for better, also she never give up when she face challenges in her career.

Positive attitude has made Elyn Chong successfully promoted as a Double Crown Ambassador in the New Era 3.0 by created brilliant results and a beautiful life. She very thankful to her partners and also Mr George Guo for founded this platform so that she can gained beauty, health, wealth and also achieved personal value in this career which bringing more meaning to her personal life.

The achievement of Double Crown Ambassador Elyn Chong has fully demonstrate that as long as one have strong confidence and positive action, they will be able to help themselves and other to achieve dreams through Yi Jia platform. Let us once again congratulate the leader Elyn Chong on her promotion of the Global Double Crown Ambassador of Yi Jia International. Wish her continue to lead the team to reach to the peak of honor, cultivate more potential leaders and work harder for a better future!