Congratulations CASH LU SHAN SHAN For Promotion Of Crown Ambassador!

Time flies fast and everyone had work hard for their 2018. In this new year of 2019, our Singapore market has delivered a great new which is our leader Cash Lu Shan Shan has been promoted to Yi Jia International Global Crown Ambassador, we hoping that all Yi Jia people will continuously create miracles for a bright future.

The talented salesgirl Cash Lu Shan Shan is a positive leader and also a good example for everyone to learn. She is always optimistic and knows how to seize business opportunities by joined Yi Jia International without any doubt. She constantly improving herself and leading her team partners to achieve the goals again and again. In Yi Jia business, she never afraid of difficulties, actively helping her partners, and always create brilliant results with a firm heart and positive actions.

The outstanding performance of Cash Lu Shan Shan has made her became a successful Crown Ambassador in the New Era 3.0. This is the rich fruit of her hard work, and this brilliant achievement also proved that the strength and charming of Yi Jia International career to global Yi Jia people, at the same time it has strengthen the confidence of the team partners in the company and hope to develop a better life through this career.

Through the dream platform of Yi Jia International, we can see the infinite possibilities of everyone! As long as you are willing to listen and do it, learning humbly, you will be able to realize your dreams. She very thankful to Mr George Guo for created this platform to help people with loves. Let us once again congratulate the Cash Lu Shan Shan for became the Crown Ambassador of Yi Jia International. Wish her will continue to create miracles and help more team partners to create a brilliant future!