The 73rd Yi Jia International Elite Training Camp 【Malaysia】

On 11st to 13th January 2019, the 73rd Yi Jia International Elite Training Camp was held in the Hotel Impian Morib in Malaysia. Many passionate partners have been participated in this camp.The training camp aimed to strengthen the sales capabilities of newcomers, motivate their potential, strengthen team building, and laid a good foundation for the partners in the development of Yi Jia business, so that they can continue to create success in this dream platform to achieve the biggest dream.

Under the trainer’s extensive teaching, the trainees have learned various professional skills and practical skills. In addition, the active atmosphere of the class has enhancing the communication between the trainees and the cohesiveness of the team, while also strengthening their strategic knowledge of the market and increase their confidence level in the future development of the company. They were not only deeply understand the mission of Yi Jia International, but also had a clearer vision which make them determined to pursue for greater, achieve self- goal and create a bright future through Yi Jia business.

After three days and two nights of training, the trainees developed deeper understanding toward company, gain a clearer direction which make them become more determined to follow Yi Jia and also continuously pursue to achieve a better self and future. Everyone was so brave to take a crucial step, and this step will also become an important milestone in their business in Yi Jia.

The well preparation by the company, trainers and trainees have brought the event came to an end. All trainees were very grateful to the company for their cultivation. They not only learned valuable knowledge, but also improved their overall quality and ability. It also inspired their enthusiasm for pursuing their dreams and made their progress towards dreams and success even stronger. We are looking forward to this group of successful and evolving elite partners to bring forward their passions to detonate the Malaysia market!