Congratulations JENNIFER TANG For Promotion Of Global Crown Ambassador!

When you are fighting toward your goal and received excellent results, it would be the best returns ever! Today, we have received a great new from Malaysia market again, let us congratulate our leader Jennifer Tang for successfully promoted to Global Crown Ambassador! Her coronation is not her own accomplishment only but once again proved the unlimited potential of Yi Jia International platform!

Jennifer Tang is a businesswoman with keen eye. She worked as a beautician for more than ten years and decided to make Yi Jia career as her full time job after that. She always led her team with passion in market and fight for results. As a leader, Jennifer Tang always pragmatic in whatever she doing. She never wish for it but work for it. Therefore, all her team partners very admire of her and see her as role model.

Opportunity not just contribute to Jennifer Tang’s succeed, but her efforts as well. It made her stand on a bigger platform to help more people as well as realized her own value. She deeply attracted by the charms of Yi Jia products and received beauty, health, wealth and also happiness and confidence. Therefore, she wish to let more people grab this career opportunity and together they create a wonderful life!

With the achievement of Global Crown Ambassador, Jennifer Tang was so grateful to founder of Yi Jia International Mr George Guo for created this platform! She look forward to lead more partners to create miracles and change other lifes. She always adhered to “Helping other to succeed is her best achievement!” Let us once again congratulate Jennifer Tang for successfully promoted to Global Crown Ambassador, we look forward her to create more glories for Yi Jia International!