Congratulations MAY LEE For Promotion Of Global Crown Ambassador!

Every company has its own dreams. On the Yi Jia International platform, many of our partners have realized their dreams and received beauty, health and wealth through the lovely culture of Yi Jia. This time, the Malaysian market has once again brought good news. Our May Lee leader stood out among the elites and successfully promoted to become the Yi Jia International Global Crown Ambassador! This achievement once again proved the that Yi Jia International is a platform with good prospect. It also proves that as long as you are able to persist like May Lee, you will surely create a brilliant future too!

May Lee is a sincere leader who has a clear vision of market development. After joining the big family of Yi Jia, she led the team partners with positive action and enthusiasm to build dreams together and bravely achieve the goals one by one. She often motivates her partners to go all out with their firm beliefs and help them to develop markets and create outstanding results which made her a popular leader.

With a perseverance of “must succeed”, May Lee really lived up to expectations and successfully promoted to the Global Crown Ambassador. The outstanding performance and strength reflect the business charm of Yi Jia International. Her achievements has inspired the team partners, and they hope that they can achieve good results through Yi Jia International platform as well, at the same time realize their personal self-worth and helping more people to gain benefit and a meaningful life.

Therefore, May Lee is very grateful to Mr George Guo for creating the Yi Jia International dream platform, which allows her to discover her potential and unlock more possibilities in her life. As long as you have a sincere heart, you will be able to get a wealthy life! Let us once again congratulate May Lee leader on the promotion of the Yi Jia International Global Crown Ambassador, and hope that she will continue to lead more partners to achieve goal and reach the peak of dreams, create a better future for more people!