Yi Jia International Stepped Into The New Era – Welcome To The Yi Jia International New Era 3.0

The beautiful December contains the hopes of the whole year which is also a great significant to Yi Jia career that it will move into the new era 3.0! It is a glorious era which belong to the global Yi Jia people! In this new era full of hopes and opportunities, Yi Jia people will march toward a feast of wealth and dreams in the new era!

Yi Jia International has experienced the glories of the era 1.0 and 2.0 from 2014 to 2018. From going out of the country to dazzling the world, from the dark horse in the industry to the creator of miracles, several milestones of development have reflected the amazing endless innovation spirit of the Yi Jia people, showing us the tenacious will and the unity of one heart. We have turned the challenge into an opportunity again and again, turning the skepticism of the bystanders into amazement by the envy! Although this period of time has settled in the history of Yi Jia’s career development, the growth we have gained and the energy we have acquired will be the power for us to march into the 3.0 era.

Yi Jia International 3.0 era has took over and begun. The founder of Yi Jia International Mr George Guo Bing Ting has shared about various plans about Yi Jia new era 3.0 to all the family members.

First, our company has increased its investment in its R&D area for our products. We cooperate with the world’s top enterprises to bring in high technology skills and improve production technology and technological content of products while pursuing for excellent quality at all costs.  At the same time, the company will continue to improve the production of research and development bases so that it can continue to provide a stronger backup force for the integration of products and services.

First of all, the company will continuously invest in the production or research area for MIRIKEL nutrition series. It will cooperate with the world’s top enterprises such as the biggest Australia pharmaceutical industry in Hong Kong and the Switzerland’s pharmaceutical factory with world’s top pure cold pressing production. We use the pharmaceutical technology, procedures and standards to produce our nutritional supplement in order to comply with the trend of Yi Jia 3.0 era. At the same time, we hired the world’s top designer team to achieve a comprehensive upgrade of the brand design and products packaging. Besides, we owned the top specialist team as our consultant to provide education to our Yi Jia members on the knowledge of products, as well as enhance the brand credibility to make it become a well-known brand in the world.

Secondly, in terms of seven-day supplies, the company will work at the same time in the United States and Australia, and cooperate with Australia’s top local laboratories, Australia’s top five college medical schools, and combine local resources to develop more high-quality natural products.

We place the biggest emphasize on our MAIONE skincare series. Company has been working hard to usher in a historical revolutionary breakthrough. In the competitive market, the company always insist on advanced the research for the main product of Yi Jia International – MAIONE skin care products to make it become the top one among all. With its unique geographical advantage, the Hainan Rosewood planting and production base produce the best Hainan Rosewood. The precious value of Hainan Rosewood with its natural anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory effects make it has a higher value than gold in the ancient era.

Therefore, the company will fully utilized unique resources of the whole world in the new era 3.0 of Yi Jia International. The Hainan Rosewood will be combined perfectly with MAIONE skin care products by added the unique and rare Rosewood essential oil extract into MAIONE Youth Original Essence and MAIONE Youth Moistening Mask to fully upgraded the raw materials and efficacy.  The third generation of MAIONE Youth Original Essence and Rosewood Masks with Rosewood essential oil as ingredients will be introduced to all soon! We will set off a revolutionary change in the industry. This will bring a new and better experience to the global consumers, and also provide the global partners a powerful weapon to open up the market. The newly upgraded MAIONE skin care products will be best gift from Yi Jia International to the global consumers and partners!

Second, in this new era 3.0 which fulfilled with brilliant dreams, the company will introduced more market development policies in comply with a more rational and humanized new global profit sharing model in order to support all partners to realize the revolutionary of the new era. The newly upgraded global profit sharing model in Yi Jia International new era 3.0 has bring various advantages to all consumers who enjoy finest quality of Yi Jia products. They can earn extra multiply income by building a direct sponsor line. Through building a comprehensive profitable chain and allow the teams to closely connected, enhance the team work and importance of persistency; to allow partners actively share and promote the products willingly as well as provide better services to the consumers; to enhance market promotion by build stronger partner teams. The finest quality and unique career opportunity will increase the motivation and loyalty of partners in earning long term income as results in growing this platform. We promised that partners need not to stock up nor price cuts. They will certainly receive for what they paid. It helps partners to up level quicker and achieved as elite as well as getting closer to realize the dream of crown. At the same time, the company will launch a more challenging glory award which named as the Top Three Global Ambassadors in each fiscal year and rewarded them with a tailor made of 3 carat diamond ring which worth USD100,000.

Third, the advent of the new era symbolized the highest glory of Yi Jia’s cause will rushed out of Asia for the first time and spread to North- America- Las Vegas, USA by taking place on the stage of the 15th Heroes Awards Ceremony! The company will invest a huge amount to invite the world’s top event organizer and strive to create the highest and most stunning luxury celebration for all Yi Jia’s people. So that everyone can enjoy the pleasure and glories together. The magnificent atmosphere of the dream hall, the dreamy design layout, the unparalleled performance lineup and the glorious moment of glory will engrave the most beautiful memories of the first annual event of the new era.

The new era of Yi Jia International is coming soon and the bonfire of dreams has been burning violently. For Yi Jia people, this is the best era as it is full of hopes, opportunities and unlimited possibilities. Looking forward to the era of Yi Jia 3.0, our high spirited and passionate partners in the new era, the new opportunities are coming soon. By working hard can we make our dreams come true. Let us raise the torch of our dreams, together we unify our thoughts, slogans and action , together we move forward into a new era!