Yi Jia International First Graduation Ceremony of 75TH Elite Training Camp 【Malaysia】

The first graduation ceremony of the 75th elite training camp was held on 4th October 2019 in Yi Jia International Malaysia branch. All the graduates were look elegant and smart in their perfect outfit which reflected the charms and confidence of Yi Jia people. Many new partners were attended to this ceremony to witness the glory moment and share the joy together.

The graduation ceremony has started with the wonderful MAIONE dance. Later, the host explained the concept of success in Yi Jia International Business School as well as the company’s dedication in creating extraordinary for all the ordinary people. All people were so inspired by the successful story shared by the host.

In the sharing session, the graduates were very grateful to the company’s effort in providing professional training courses and also the trainers and coach assistant for their hard work which is efficiency in developed individual marketing skills and life sentiment. During the three days and two nights camping, they experienced a variety forms of training. Through interactive games, they felt the warmth of mutual support from team members, which made them so touching and gained a lot of knowledges at the same time.

Besides, company also presented the Best Team Award to the outstanding team of elite training camp to recognize their excellent performance. All graduates were so happy and grateful that Chairman George Guo has established a dream platform and training system which cultivate them to become better. The passionate atmosphere made our new partners were also eagerly to participate in the next coming elite class and follow Yi Jia International to transform themselves!

The graduation ceremony of the first elite class was successfully came to an end in the joyful laughter of all the partners. The graduates who have perfectly transformed were more confident now. They were so dedicated to put their faith in the company, and look forward to strive their best through the dream platform to help more people to realize dreams and create a beautiful life!