Congratulates Jesvin For Promotion Of Global Crown Ambassador!

On the road of chasing dreams, you will only succeed only by diligence, hard work, and sweat. Today, the Malaysian market has once again sent us good news, let us warmly congratulate the Jesvin leader from Malaysia have been promoted to Yi Jia International Global Crown Ambassador! Her efforts in the Yi Jia career gave her a wonderful life she had dreamed of, and also made her successfully stood on the stage to receive the prestigious honor.

As a leader, Jesvin is always strong and independent in exploring the market. She also strives to build a strong team by inspires her partners to fight for their common goals. Besides, she always gives practical advice and develops the capabilities of each partner so that they can stand out in the competitive market. Jesvin’s adherence to the initial and firm ideals made her a respected leader to her teammates. They see her as a role model and hope to achieve outstanding results like her.

This career miraculously changed and improved every aspect of her life. The company’s unique education system allows her to gain spiritual wealth and full of positive energy! Therefore, she is very grateful to Chairman George Guo to establishing such an excellent platform for everyone, and develop natural high-quality products to bring everyone a healthier lifestyle. Let us once again warmly congratulate Jesvin on her promotion of the Global Crown Ambassador of Yi Jia International! Wish her to continue to lead the teammates to achieve the next goal as well as spread the loves of Yi Jia International to change the lives of more people!