Congratulates KAT WAI SIEW HONG For Promotion Of Global Double Crown Ambassador!

The path to success is full of obstacles but persistency is what makes us create numerous possibilities! Yi Jia International market once again received a good news, let us congratulate Kat Wai Siew Hong leader have been promoted to Yi Jia International Global Double Crown Ambassador! With extraordinary strength and passion, she successfully runs the Yi Jia career and pursued her dreams. Her positive vibes bring impact to her teammates, as well as bring her the highest honor of Global Double Crown Ambassador!

As a leader, Kat Wai Siew Hong has strong leadership aura and always active in doing anything. Her personal strong appeal bring vitality to her team and is well respected by her teammates. Adhering to the values of “developing one self and other”, Kat Wai Siew Hong always shares her personal experiences and cultivate the business skills of her teammates to improve their abilities to achieve the goals.

Kat Wai Siew Hong gained a lot from Yi Jia career included her beauty, self-confidence and life values. In this career, she inspires, influence and light up the hopes of numerous teammates, helps them to achieve a wonderful life and better-self.

Therefore, Kat Wai Siew Hong very grateful to chairman George Guo for create this dream platform in the names of love which aims to help people to realize dreams and create miracles! Let us once again congratulate Kat Wai Siew Hong on her promotion of the Global Double Crown Ambassador of Yi Jia International. Hope she continue to lead more teammates in market to achieve outstanding life with corporate faith!