Congratulates Jennifer Tang For Promotion Of Global Double Crown Ambassador!

Let us warmly congratulate the Jennifer Tang leader from Malaysia have been promoted to Yi Jia International Global Double Crown Ambassador! From the moment she commited to Yi Jia career, all her struggles and afforts have received big returns, perfect transformation in life, and a great witness for all Yi Jia people!

Yi Jia’s high-quality natural products, Chairman Guo’s great love corporate philosophy, and the unique compensation system deeply impressed Jennifer Tang. She grabbed the business opportunity to join the company to achieve her dreams. As a team leader, Jennifer Tang always unites the team, trusts her partners, focuses on the goals, and works hard to achieve their dreams! She leads her partners to fight in the market while constantly giving encouragement so that the partners are full of passion and bravely to achieve their goals.

After joining Yi Jia career, she gets rid of the office job and owned her personal business now. She also achieved financial freedom and has more free time to spend with her family. Yi Jia’s dream platform enables her and her teammates to show their ambitions by developing their strengths to create a miracle of life!

Therefore, Jennifer Tang is very grateful to Chairman Guo for creating the Yi Jia International platform to help her and others to realize dreams and create a better life for everyone. Here, everyone has found a unique career, life value, beauty, health, and happiness! Let us once again congratulate Jennifer Tang on her promotion of the Global Double Crown Ambassador of Yi Jia International! Hope her continue to work hard and lead her partners to explore the market and create more amazing witnesses for Yi Jia International!