Congratulates May Lee For Promotion Of Global Double Crown Ambassador!

Faith is the stepping ladder to the gate of honor. Having an unyielding belief in success is a critical first step for many successful people. They will then work hard to achieve a brilliant outcome. Today, let us warmly congratulate the May Lee leader from Malaysia have been promoted to Yi Jia International Global Double Crown Ambassador! She stood on the dream stage of Yi Jia with strength and proved to everyone that everything is possible in Yi Jia International!

Many years ago, May Lee took courage to join Yi Jia International and end her educational career after she falls in love with the amazing company products. She strives to build a strong team, encourages and supports the team and leads them to create new records in the competitive market. Her passionate leadership has gained respects from her teammates and seeing her as a role model.

Through Yi Jia career, May Lee became more beautiful and stronger from inside out. Therefore, she very grateful to chairman George Guo for creating this dream platform and continuously realize her dream. Today, this career even provide her the ability to help others to achieve the dream and share the fruits of success which make her life become worthwhile. Let us once again congratulate May Lee on her promotion of the Global Double Crown Ambassador of Yi Jia International! Hope she continues to lead her teammates with passions to the road of success and strives to create a new record for Yi Jia International!