Congratulations ELYN CHONG For Promotion Of Global Double Crown Ambassador!

In Yi Jia International, the group of talented leaders has enabled us to witness their perfect and brilliant transformation. This time, we have received good news from the Malaysian market again. Let us congratulate Elyn Chong has been promoted to Global Triple Crown Ambassador! This coronation represents her hard-working return, but also proves the fascinating charm of Yi Jia career!

There are no shortcuts to success, and hard work is the foundation of success. We can see her unyielding leadership who always providing support and encouragement to teammates, working towards a common goal, and firmly believe that their performance will be further improved! Dreams gather a team together and team create dreams.

Therefore, Elyn Chong often encourage the unity of the team and can create success by continuously improving themselves. After joining the Yi Jia business, Elyn Chong not only gains health, beauty and wealth, but also build her self-confidence from the inside out. Therefore, she is very grateful to Chairman George Guo for creating a dream platform, giving all ordinary people a chance to transform their lives and become a winner! She is looking forward to lead more partners to strive forward until they are indulged in the joy of struggling for life! Let us once again congratulate Elyn Chong has been promoted to Global Triple Crown Ambassador and wishes her to fight for her dreams and continues cultivate more outstanding leaders!