Professor Brian Tomlinson Held MIRIKEL Wu Xing Daily Meal and MIRIKEL Black Cumin Seed Oil Sharing Session in Yi Jia International 【Malaysia】

On 27th and 28th April 2019 Yi Jia International once again invited Professor Brian Tomlinson, the new member of research team and Professor in Department of Medicine and Therapeutics at The Chinese University of Hong Kong to held a seminar on MIRIKEL series product of MIRIKEL Wu Xing Daily Meal and MIRIKEL Black Cumin Seed Oil. This seminar has attracted many partners who wish to gain an in-depth understanding on the nutritional knowledge of MIRIKEL series products from an expert perspective.

In the seminar, the professor shared his nutritional knowledge of MIRIKEL Wu Xing Daily Meal with his 10 years of professional medical experience. He even pointed out the modern diet and its impact on human sub-health problems. At the same time, he highly praised the adherence of Yi Jia International to the highest quality of the products. The MIRIKEL Wu Xing Daily Meal is formulated based on the five elements principle and contained a variety of finest natural ingredients which is able to provide rich nutrition and high energetic. It is definitely a new healthy choice for modern lifestyle!

In addition, he also introduced the miraculous repairing power of MIRIKEL Black Cumin Seed Oil and its therapeutic role in prevents various diseases. All the partners were gained a deeper understanding of black seed oil. At the same time, he also stressed that the unique nutritional value of black seed oil for health and beauty benefits make it become outstanding in various fields and regarded as one of the most popular nutritional supplements.

Every partner was so obsessed with MIRIKEL Wu Xing Daily Meal and MIRIKEL Black Cumin Seed Oil after the seminar! In addition, the professor’s decision to join Yi Jia International R&D team in 2018 due to his personal high recognition of Yi Jia International’s excellent pursuit of product quality and the great love concept of Chairman Guo has greatly enhanced the trust of the partners. They look forward to realize their dreams through the company platform and allow more people to enjoy the benefits from the company’s quality products!

After the seminar, all partners enjoyed the interaction with the professor and so glad that they were learned a lot about knowledge of disease nutrition and received the latest nutrition information. Therefore, they were so grateful to company for organises such an informative event and look forward for more upcoming similar events.