‘Go Forth with Love’ Yi Jia International Thanksgiving Day

“Do you love your mom?” Some may smile and nod shyly, while some may just firmly answer, “Of course!” Our mothers who give us the gift of life and raise us have undoubtedly occupied a significant position in our hearts. Nevertheless, have you ever told this great lady, “Mummy I Love you”?

Filial piety is the traditional virtue of Asians, however we are not good at expressing love. Some say that the Asians’ love is deep, warm and beautiful, but the way love is expressed is rather reserved, conservative and ambiguous. On the contrary, we, Yi Jia people insist that love should be expressed courageously, love should be shared sincerely, love should be timely! Therefore, Yi Jia International deliberately set the Mother’s Day as Yi Jia International’s annual “Go Forth with Love” Thanksgiving Day. On 12th May 2019, we gathered the Yi Jia people to host our “Go Forth with Love” charity event around the world. Through practical actions, we expressed love and gratitude, as well as made contribution. We also made the theme “live out love, pass love on” of Thanksgiving Day as part of our corporate cultural inheritance.

On this lovely morning, the Malaysian partners gathered in the branches in northern, central, southern and eastern Malaysia to kick-off a chapter of love. Being with Yi Jia platform which unites love, promotes love and passes down the love, every Yi Jia people upholds the vision of “building our home around love”. We make ourselves the source of love, taking the initiative to lead our team with motherhood love, which nourishes every partner’s heart and also the growth of their seeds of dream. This was a special day not merely to thank our parents for giving us the gift of life, but also to thank our leaders for giving us the key to unlock our dreams. We were really moved by the scene where the partners said “Thank you” to each other. We felt their deep feeling and love for being supportive to each other along their journeys. With their commitment to partners, we believed that their relationship will continue to grow strong.

In order to promote the culture of expressing love, the Yi Jia partners went out to the busy street and handed the greeting cards and carnations to the passers-by. At the same time, encouraged them to tell their mothers that “I love you”. Many of them were initially shy and clueless, but with our partners’ encouragement, they said it out loud. “妈妈我爱你”, “Mummy I love you”, “Saya sayang mama”… Suddenly, the heartfelt love confession to mummy of different languages were just everywhere on the street, which was just as beautiful as the flowers blooming. Despite the differences in language, our love intentions were the same. This is the beauty of the multi-ethnicity in Malaysia, this is the preciousness of love without boundary. The street today was filled with warmth because of love, it was beautiful thanks to the carnations and it was sweet because of the people’s smiles. Love is contagious, and building home around love is the ultimate goal of Yi Jia people.

The partners were happy and moved by the activity of the day, they were thankful to the company for giving them the chance to ignite the flame of love and share it with the public. This was definitely a memorable Mother’s Day whereby we did not just celebrate for our mothers, but all the mothers in the world. This was a unique Thanksgiving Day whereby we did not merely be thankful to our special ones, but we led the community to express their love! Express your sincerity of love, share the truth of love, pass down the flame of love…let the spread of warmth and love to be continued through our actions.