Opening Ceremony of Yi Jia International East Malaysia Branch

On 20th May 2019, the opening of the fourth service platform of Yi Jia International Malaysia was held in Kuching, a prosperous and chill city with a tropical and vibrant atmosphere in East Malaysia. Since penetration into Malaysian market in 2014, Yi Jia International has been setting its long-term goal and striving forward tirelessly. With the rapid growth momentum, it established its headquarters in central Malaysia, a branch in Northern Malaysia and a branch in Southern Malaysia within the first three years’ time, hence completed its strategic expansion in Peninsular Malaysia and has become the pillar of Southeast Asian market. Thanks to the efforts of our business partners and the strength of the company, today we managed to expand our business to East Malaysia, hence comprehensively covers the entire Malaysia. This is the testament to the company’s strength and its determination for a sustainable growth.

A Get-together for the Celebration

On this special morning, the Yi Jia International East Malaysia office was beautifully decorated and full of flowers gifted by the business partners worldwide. Yi Jia partners of nationwide gathered in Kuching city to celebrate and witness this significant event. Amid the festive and joyful atmosphere, lion dance accompanied by the music of beating drums and resounding gongs was being performed. The movements of rising, welcoming, ceremonial, leaping and etc. were vibrant and powerful, resembling the vigour and the fighting spirit of Yi Jia people. Subsequently, Yi Jia International Group Vice President, Mr. Sean Liu and the outstanding leaders officiated the ribbon-cutting ceremony of Yi Jia East Malaysia branch, symbolising the opening of the East Malaysia branch! The thrilling cheers of the partners sparked momentum and exuded their unswerving confidence. We believed that the East Malaysia branch will overcome whatever challenges they come across and strive ahead to thrive!

When the clock showed the auspicious 11:18, Mr. Sean Liu opened the door of the East Malaysia branch and then unveiled the company signboard. The striking red curtain was slowly opened and the golden “YIJIA” was in the spotlight, shining the glory of an international corporate and the success of a business of love. At this very exciting moment, aside from expressing his gratitude to Malaysian business partners and colleagues, Mr. Sean Liu also delivered his speech:

The opening of the East Malaysia branch is of strategic importance for the development of Yi Jia business in Malaysia. Not only does it mean for a better service and support for the global business partners in East Malaysia, but it also marks the complete coverage of the company business in east, north, central and south Malaysia, indicating the company’s determination and confidence in growing and sustaining its business in Malaysia. We firmly believe that with the wise leadership of our chairman and the hard work of each of us, the East Malaysia branch will certainly live up to our expectation – writing a new chapter of glory and creating new miracles!

Dear members, let’s share this wonderful moment together. Again, I wish the East Malaysia branch all the best. May our business prosper in the years to come!

Creating Quality Lifestyle

With causing no harm to animals as a prerequisite, all products of Yi Jia International adopt the purely natural plant ingredients. From species selection, plant cultivation to product manufacturing, our chairman requests strict quality control at every single level, as well as ensuring our R&D team to use the best raw materials and state-of-the art technology to achieve the best results, hence bringing health and beauty to our consumers. On the opening day of the East Malaysia branch, our business partner, Alice introduced and explained the Yi Jia’s products to the audience. Her interesting presentation not only helped the audience to have a better understanding in various Yi Jia’s products, but also amazed them with the high anti-aging efficacy of Yi Jia’s flagship product line – MAIONE. This has strengthened the new partners’ determination to follow the footstep of Yi Jia International and the chairman to be a messenger of love, delivering love and beauty to the people around us, and advocating healthy and quality lifestyle.

Yi Jia International East Malaysia branch is strategically located in Saradise, which is currently a thriving residential and commercial hub in Kuching, Sarawak. The office covers an area of approximately 1,700 square feet and comes with product showroom, discussion room, meeting room and training room. Following the opening of East Malaysia branch, our partners of East Malaysia can now have a home with love, where they belong. The continuously creation of miracles by Yi Jia business is not a myth, but it’s the step-by-step accumulation of wisdom, it’s the perseverance of love by every Yi Jia people. On this day of a brand new chapter, let’s follow the footsteps of our company leaders and work together to create a bright future for our Yi Jia East Malaysia, to continue the legend of Yi Jia International!