The 77th Yi Jia International Elite Training Camp【Malaysia】

From 24th till 26th May 2019, the 77th Yi Jia International Elite Training Camp was held in Philea Mines Beach Resort in Malaysia. The training camp was received good response and attracted many new partners to actively participate.

Through a variety of training programs and diverse teaching practices, the trainer put efforts in inspiring each trainee from all dimensions to improve their business skills so that they can success in highly competitive market in the future. At the same time, it helped to explore the potential of the trainees’ thoughts, strengths and willpower, so that they can break through their individual limits and greatly improve their physical and mental qualities.

In a short period of three days and two nights, the training has fully enabled the trainees to recognize and discover themselves, thus generating the motivation to change themselves. Besides, the trainees were gained a deep insight into the potential of the Yi Jia International platform and also deeply influenced by the great loves of Chairman George Guo. This has developed them a great sense of trust and belonging to the company.

The training camp has come to an end with a mixed of sweat, tears and smiles. The trainer and assistances cheered for the trainees’ great transformation after witnessed their growth in the mentality. Now the trainees developed a stronger bonding with their team members, and also realized the great power of team building. They became more confident and determined to change themselves as well as others’ life through the dream platform of Yi Jia International! They were well prepared now to strive to achieve highest honor in the market!