The 82TH Yi Jia International Elite Training Camp【Malaysia】

The blue sky reflected the bright future of Yi Jia business while the sparkling lake water was full of vigour and vitality. The 82th Yi Jia International Elite Training Camp was held at the beautiful Philea Mines Resort in Kuala Lumpur from 14th to 16th June 2019. With the high spirits, Yi Jia participants rejuvenated the serene resort; with the full enthusiasm, they left no regrets for the three-day training; with the unremitting persistence, they laid a solid foundation for their dreams.

Yi Jia International’s training system always enjoys a reputation for not only cultivating the professional tactics and practical skills but also comprehensively enhancing the psychological quality, and hence develops the spirit of fighting and persistence in fighting. Thanks to the guidance of the instructors, the participants managed to re-discover their true selves and delve further into their hearts; get away with the stereotypes and set the new goals, break through the limitations and unveil their unlimited potentials. Within only a short three-day training, the participants were reborn, they have become a better self.

For the participants, the elite training not only enabled them to achieve personal growth, but also to build a sincere friendship based on mutual trust. Upon completion of the training, we were glad to see their sunshine smiles and eyes brimming with confidence. They were overflowed with passion towards success and dreams and were prepared to go all out for various upcoming challenges in the market. Dear participants, it’s time to fly! We will see you on the honourable stage of dreams!