“Why did I succeed? In fact, my personal effort could have contributed only 1% of my success; while the 99% came from the opportunities offered by the society and helps given by other people.”

Guo Bing Ting


About the Founder

He is a guru of dreams creation, who has lighted up the hope in the hearts of countless people;

He is a guru of dreams realisation, who has changed the destinies of numerous people;

He is an ideologist with the unity of action and knowledge, being equipped with others’ advantages and personal practice, he perfectly integrated the coaching technique with direct selling culture and created the leading educational and training system which has trained up batches of elites in the industry, repeatedly created miracles, and is now enjoying a fantastic reputation and being known as the “Whampoa Military Academy” of the industry;

He is a guru of training, who has presented over thousand public speaking and training courses with up to millions beneficiaries;

He is a respected entrepreneur, who has always been passionate in public welfare, helping the poor and contributing to the society with practical action;

He is known as the leading authority in the industry who makes contribution, fosters high ethical behaviour and gives insightful opinion.

In year 2004, he founded Yi Jia International, and determined to dedicate himself throughout his lifetime to realise the vision “to create a platform that builds opportunities to realise dreams.”

the Founder’s words

…“What can I do for these kids?” If I just ignored them and enjoyed my own life, I would feel uneasy! Because I saw it and I couldn’t pretend and turn a blind eye, I had no way to be unsympathetic!”

I have a dream

At the beginning of my working life, I always asked myself, “how am I going to spend my life?” At that time I was thinking to work very hard in order to accumulate a huge amount of wealth, I want to have a prosperous life, I want a lot of people to envious of me, I want my family to live comfortably. After years of efforts, I realised my goals one by one. However, I started to question myself, “is this the way to spend my life? Is my life going to be quantified with the wealth figure? Is my life just to gain the envy from others?”…